About Us

Founded in 2008, HealthPlace.net was conceived by Dr. Michael Davidson and Tracey Powell after working together for years on programs that build on their shared vision of how technology could be used to improve patient compliance and outcomes. Dr. Davidson is a renowned cardiologist with extensive experience in innovative medical programs and clinical trials, while Tracey Powell is renowned product and service innovator in the field of medical diagnostics.

HealthPlace Medical Home®
Over the last ten years, these healthcare leaders brought together their respective backgrounds to work on multiple programs including clinical trials on medical devices and laboratory methodologies, Phase III clinical studies on new pharmaceuticals, and large scale field studies. These programs involved thousands of patients that provided clear outcomes and proof of health value.

They are now building on those programs and learnings through HealthPlace.net, specifically integrating emerging diagnostics and communication technologies to address healthcare needs. HealthPlace.net has now completed its proof of concept to demonstrate its unique ability to bring together critical clinical and laboratory data on a remote basis, to create action and solutions for patients and clinical staff.

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